​Transforming Students into Coders

Writing Codes is the New Future​

Singapore's ​Leading ​In-Class Coding Experience

Hi there ! My name is Ismath Eunoon and about 15 years back, I remember being in a pioneer batch of students at the ​NYP Graduate Diploma Course for I.T. Security. That was close to two decades back. 

Today, armed with a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) from the National University of Singapore, I conduct classroom coding sessions for students with the aim of equipping them with a soon to be must have skill for most people. As an adjunct lecturer in MDIS and Kaplan, I have been lecturing degree programs for various universities on Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics.

Here with a bunch of University Graduates. I taught them Cybersecurity Fundamentals.

​I've also been invited as guest speaker to share my thoughts about Cybersecurity

I am happy to share that we will be conducting three coding courses that any 8 to 16 year old child can attend and enjoy. Scroll down for a free parent-child Coding workshop that I will be conducting.

​Scratch 101

​Scratch was developed in 1998 by the Massachusetts Institute Technology

​Python 201

​Coding Language for Websites and Apps

​Cyber Funda 301

​Ethical Hacking Practices and White-hat Hacking

​The need for coding is more prevalent than ever !

​Parent and Child Workshop Starts In:


What You and Your Child will Be Learning in this 1.5-hours' Coding Workshop

  • Introduction to Coding Courses
  • ​Creating Animation using Scratch (Hands-On)
  • Basic Python ​Engagement
  • ​Briefing on CyberSecurity Fundamentals
  • BONUS Gift for all Children


Here at ​CyberT4s we believe​ in learning as much as having fun and enjoying the process. We place a promise that each and every child who walks through our doors will find great joy in learning Coding with us.

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